Project – Drawing Animals
Exercise – Fish on a Plate.
Unfortunately two of Tesco’s best mackerel had lost some of their silvery opalescence to greys and browns.



The shapes and form of the fishes is reasonably accurate.

The sheen of the fish is difficult to capture though by layering white and light grey there is a satisfactory representation.

Check and Log
1.  What were the main challenges of drawing animals?
Animals are not only different shapes and sizes but they have different skin coverings, i.e. fur, feathers, scale etc. and therefore nearly every animal subject requires a different technique.

Furthermore animals do not generally pose for the duration of the drawing when asked. Accordingly one has to be rather quick or have a good memory. Probably immediately sketching out the simple lines of the limbs and head, i.e. a stick animal, is a good start.

Whilst some can be simplified by incorporating geometrical shapes many cannot but in general nature get’s it right insofar if the drawn shape of an animal looks good then it is correct.

2.  Which media did you enjoy most and which did you feel were best for the subject matter and why?
I favour graphite pencil which I am still mastering. However the question probably refers to coloured media.

I am enjoying coloured pencils. I am learning to blend etc. and I am quite pleased with the results. Different papers produce different effects and each has its appeal.

As | learn more I can see the possibilities ahead, probably more with coloured pencils as they are probably the most adaptable of the media.

Coloured pencils appeared to cope with all the exercises though sometimes it is difficult to get a rich depth of colour.

3. Where can you go to draw more animals? Think about the sorts of places that will give you opportunities for animal drawing. Have you tried drawing a moving animal yet?
If one wanted to draw a range of animal types then a zoo would probably be the best of venues. However if only one type of animal is in mind then an animal nursery, dog pond, cattery, stables or farm come to mind.

As you require the animal to be reasonably stationary and near to you a confined space would be a help or maybe a tether.

No, I have not tried drawing a moving animal yet.


Project – Drawing Animals
Exercise – Grabbing the Chance

Unfortunately I didn’t have access to a live dog to sit for me.

I downloaded photographs of different poses of a yellow Labrador taking care to match the size of the dogs.

The media used used for the sketches were –
1.    Graphite pencil
2.    Pen and ink
3.    Fine fibre tip pen
4.    Ballpoint pen
5.    Coloured pencils
6.    Oil pastels
IMG_0093_edited-2 IMG_0092_edited-2 IMG_0091_edited-2 IMG_0090_edited-2 IMG_0089_edited-2 IMG_0087_edited-2 The final drawing is in graphite pencil.