Project – Drawing Plants and Flowers
Exercise – Plants and Flowers in Coloured Pencil
Blending Experiments


Successful colour blending with pencils in a drawing can be a hit and miss and requires a practice sample first before committing pencil to paper. To arrive at the desired blended colour some variables have to be considered –

  • Which colour to lay first as this will most certainly define the blend colour as the second colour may not take as well as the first.
  • The pencil tones should be compatible insofar that a light colour may have little effect against a dark.
  • The tooth of the paper together with pencil pressure will affect the manner in which the colours merge.
  • Some colours will produce mud when blended.
  • The final effect required in the drawing

In addition to those on the following page further noted blending methods, though not tried, were hair dryer, nail varnish and other solvents.



Project – Drawing Plants and Flowers
Exercise – Negative Space in a Plant
A little bit harder than the previous negative space exercise. The problem was not just the drawing but keeping one’s brain in the negative mode particularly for the smaller areas.


The drawing is closely representational of the plant with only a few minor erasings.

Check and Log
Your composition should occupy most of the paper’s surface. How much negative space have you left?
I read this point after the event and whilst some drawings might fulfill the requirement the final drawing does not fill the paper though still has charm.

What have you learned from drawing the details of fruit and vegetables?
As a beginner I am on a steep learning curve and most of my drawings have been preceded by a considerable amount of trial and practice work. However I am pleased with my drawings in this section and perhaps for the first time a little confidence is creeping through which will enable me to open out a bit more, ie. a bit more expressive.

What did you find most challenging about this part of the course?
Mostly answered above but learning to use new materials to their individual best is quite hard as you have to learn their individual characteristics.