Project – Drawing Fruit and Vegetables in Colour


Exercise – Drawing Using Oil Pastel

A first drawing in oil pastels for me so a little practice was needed beforehand.IMG_0098_edited-2

 The exercise anticipated layering and, in places, hard pressure strokes which, say, in the red pepper turned out okay but it was difficult to depict shape with those strokes.

I found it difficult to use a light touch with the crayons. The upright avocado requires three colours and the cloying/clogging of the darker/later colours spoiled the lighter touch of the previous colours. In the end I reduced the worst elements with a knife blade which actually looks quite good.

Not a favourite medium as it was difficult to get the exact detail I require but I liked the “sparkle” effect a light stroke gave and maybe if the crayons are sharpened I can develop a style.


Project – Drawing Fruit and Vegetables in Colour


Exercise – Using Markers or Dip Pens

I used fibre tip markers and also dip pens for the exercise.


IMG_0074_edited-2The compositional drawings and the mixed media drawings allowed us to experiment with marks and colours combined and I was quite pleased with the results.


The final drawing I was very pleased with. The chosen “rough” paper was a bit difficult to draw on but produced a fine, broken line that was fine by me. I didn’t include a formal foreground and background as I felt the light strokes produced a simple “floating support to the objects and so I left it at that.

Project – Drawing Fruit and Vegetables in Colour


Exercise – Using Hatching to Create Tone

I am generally quite pleased with the drawings. The hatching lines have clarity where necessary, though possibly lacking the depth a blocked mark would make, and they portray the shape of the object though the banana is a bit weaker.



The compositional sketches were executed quite quickly and as such do the job, I haven’t yet learned to sketch, ie. to depict form and depth with a few lines, and so my sketches tend to be quick drawings.


I was satisfied with the arrangement and effect of the final drawing though on reflection the central grapes don’t sit well in the drawing. However there is good form and depth to the objects.