Project – Still Life


Exercise – Still Life Group in Tone


The exercise required built-up tone and on reflection, whilst there are degrees of tone in the drawing the pencils didn’t allow the deepest of tones.



Check and Log

What aspects of each drawing have been successful and what did you have problems with?

The pen and ink drawing was satisfactory as far as the objects go but other areas as previously commented are lacking particularly in the perspective area.


The coloured pencil drawing was okay as a drawing but I didn’t manage to get a wide spread of tones.


Did you manage to get a sense of depth in your drawings? What elements of the drawings and still life groupings helped to create that sense?

The objects in the pen and ink drawing have a depth to them derived from placement, overlapping and small at the front and large at the back, and limited shadow tone.


The coloured pencil drawing similarly portrayed depth.


What difficulties were created by being restricted to line or tone?

A line drawing doesn’t allow you the light to dark gradation of tone facility that depicts depth and that you are able to achieve in a tone drawing.


However a line drawing can achieve it with placement and perspective.


Project – Still Life


Exercise – Still Life Group Using Line


The components of the composition blended in well together. I wanted the fall of the diagonal line but had I thought further beforehand I should have used a little artistic licence and shifted my background, the view through the window, to the right so that the eye was led right across the page.


 The instruction was for a line drawing rather than tone and so i have been economical with shading/hatching and bearing in mind the light came from the window, i.e. backlit, a little more shadow might have strengthened the drawing. I also limited the amount of crosshatching and texture in order to keep it simple.


I struggled with the perspective of the “table” edges. What I drew is what is there and carefully judged. However it’s not correct and the table of objects is floating in space rather than on the line of sight from eye to outside. With perspective I think it is better to draw what looks right rather that what is in front of you.


My view of the objects was slightly down but the aspect of the drawing is from a greater height. I have had this problem before and I am not sure why it occurs. The paper was flat and its viewpoint is lower but the drawing should be how the eye sees the objects and not a difficult view.


The trees were drawn in a watered down ink and I think that works and leaves the objects dominant.


Did you make good use of the medium?

It was a first pen and ink drawing so I am quite pleased with it. I was concerned about making irrecoverable mistakes though thankfully that didn’t materially occur.

The drawing could have been developed/finished off a bit more to make it more “whole” but I may have spoiled it as to do so would have been stretching it.