Project – Enlarging an Image

Exercise – Enlarging a Simple Flat Image
A little more complicated that the previous exercise and I made it a little more difficult by using long objects.
How successful were you in copying the lines from the smaller squares to the larger squares?

It was a bit mechanical and there was a loss of continuity on the curves but overall the transfer of the drawing was readily done.

Are you satisfied with your larger replica of the image? What would you do differently another time?

The transfer was reasonably successful but the outcome was a rather simplistic looking line drawing.

On another occasion it probably would have been better to just draft the transfer line then freehand the final lines in to give a more natural line to the curves.


Project – Enlarging an Image

Exercise – Enlarging an Existing Drawing
A simple principle undertaken with little difficulty.
I undertook the exercise by placing and then joining up the dots. Maybe not right but it appeared that it would be hard to produce a fluid long curve without knowing where the curve was going on the way.