Project – Making Marks

Exercise – Supermarket Shop
The exercise appeared simple enough and as a pencil line drawing was fine.

Most of the objects appear satisfactorily drawn on the paper though the perspective of the box on the right does not appear correct even though the angles on paper tie up with the angles of the box. I was probably looking down on it too much when compared to the other objects. It’s probably better to draw what looks best for the overall effect.

The objects relate well to each other and look solid and the negative shapes between them are reasonable accurate. However I was not able to reproduce the irregular shape of the yellow-green muesli bag.

The left hand side of the picture conveys depth more than the right hand side

However when the paint was applied the effort seemed to fall apart particularly when I applied the ground wash. Rather frustrating. I should have used tone to give more shape to the objects and make the overall picture more realistic.


Project – Making Marks

Exercise – Jars and Jugs
Similar to the previous exercise but rounder objects.

Probably, like many people, I find the ellipses at the head and base of cylindrical  objects difficult to draw correctly.

The circular tops of the objects appear to be more rounded in real life then when reproduced on paper. Even if you accurately measure and scale and draw the resultant ellipse it never looks right. What does look right is a less deep ellipse than the measured one.

I think this observation may be correct as the angle of sight to the object is different to the angle of sight to the paper particularly as the object is vertical and the paper flat. If the paper is held vertically and the drawing is compared with the object the shallower ellipse looks more correct.

I have not read anything to this effect and would be interested to know if this is such.

There are minor errors in the drawings which normally I would have corrected with an eraser but as requested erasing was kept to an absolute minimum.

The objects relate correctly to each other and the drawing has depth tough shading would have accentuated this aspect.

The ink drawing reveals more than a few mistakes but the overall objects look reasonably correct though the handles are terrible.

Not having a confident hand my lines are a bit shaky particularly on the cup and jug handles. The bottle shape and the jar head are also wrong.

I should have done better. However it’s early days and hopefully practice will make perfect.

Project – Basic Shapes and Fundamental Form

Exercise – Boxes and Books
I may have oversimplified the exercise but the objects in the drawing are generally of the right size and relate to each other as in the setup.

Most of the lines and angles I think are about right and I left out any artistic add-ins as I think I had completed what the exercise required. As a consequence the drawings are a little plain.

I didn’t find the sighting of the scale and the angles a problem as I used plastic proportional dividers (Accurasee) Is that cheating? I keep it to a minimum.

I think I have got most of the perspective lines correct and probably an application of tones and shadows would have enforced the drawing making the objects not appear to be floating in space.

The objects were quite close to me which makes drawing them harder than when distant. I sometimes notice in artists work that the perspective of a near, angled object doesn’t always look right even though the artist is skilled and has depicted what he has seen. Maybe it’s the difference in eye level, the eye looking at the subject is at a different angle to the eye looking at the picture and produces a deception, i.e. what we see is not what we draw. We draw what we consider to be correct on the paper.