Assignment Two

The Final Drawing
I reformed the flowers so they were lower and more “solid”. Ideally the glass might have been between the bottle and vase but properly the glass would be on the right.


The plate of fruit is intentionally slightly off centre in the balance of the drawing and the objects in the drawing form a triangle with the knife pointing in to the subject plate. Possibly the flowers and the vase should not have been of the same height.

Tone and contrast I think are okay. I find it difficult to get solid, rich colours out of the pencils. The support and background may be a little light but there is enough in the picture without any further clutter.

Perspective I think is satisfactory. I worked from dark to light and overlapped objects.

Well, it was a good drawing until the shadows went in. I found it very difficult to get even tone shadows when laying the grey over previously laid colours. In the end I cut down on the tone of the shadows of the vase and bottle as they were dominating the drawing.