Project – Drawing Plants and Flowers
Exercise – Plants and Flowers in Coloured Pencil
Blending Experiments


Successful colour blending with pencils in a drawing can be a hit and miss and requires a practice sample first before committing pencil to paper. To arrive at the desired blended colour some variables have to be considered –

  • Which colour to lay first as this will most certainly define the blend colour as the second colour may not take as well as the first.
  • The pencil tones should be compatible insofar that a light colour may have little effect against a dark.
  • The tooth of the paper together with pencil pressure will affect the manner in which the colours merge.
  • Some colours will produce mud when blended.
  • The final effect required in the drawing

In addition to those on the following page further noted blending methods, though not tried, were hair dryer, nail varnish and other solvents.



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