Project – Detailed Observation

Check and Log

1.  Which drawing media did you find most effective to use, for which effects?
Pencil for me was the most effective medium as it offers the most variety of tone and reliability of marks.

The ballpoint pen (a first drawing with such) is more subtle than I thought possible and it was possible to grade shading  though the size/intensity of dots was not easy to vary. However the dip pen was a bit on or off and the lack of gradation of tone has to be compensated by the variation in stippling.

2.  What sort of marks work well to create tone, pattern and texture? Make notes beside some sample marks.
Shading and dots works well to create tone, pattern and texture but I am not sympathetic to hatching. I agree it produces an effect that can be used to differentiate planes, textures etc. but it does not occur in real life and accordingly I consider it to be more decorative than natural.

3.  Did you enjoy capturing details or are you more at home creating big broad brush sketches?
I prefer producing detailed drawings and creating the minutiae as realistically as possible. Time consuming but very absorbing. I haven’t learned a “big broad brush” approach yet but whilst I can appreciate the talent of expressive or gestural drawing, I am not sure it’s for me.

4. Look at the composition of the drawings you have done in this project. Make some sketches and notes about how you could improve your composition
As all my drawings were of single objects, other than viewing angles I couldn’t have made a difference. It might be that more interesting angles could have been achieved – perhaps unstable or imbalanced situations.


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