Project – Exploring Coloured Media

Research Point – Kate Atkin. A modern master of detailed drawing?
There are a number of modern artists who produce detailed drawing work and a brief internet trawl reveals the following examples  by Paul Cadden, Jane Peart and J. D. Hillberry respectively –

Paul-Cadden-art8-550x831[1]       sheeponmoors   Onions%20and%20Garlic[1]

A couple of these artists’ examples might be described as photo-realistic which fits the “detailed” bill of the research point as the finished product requires delicate work and tremendous skill. Probably this effect is aided by the advances in drawing materials which have enabled artists to produce more fine and varied marks than before.

For my artist of detail I have chosen Kate Atkin of whom little early information is available other than she was born in 1981 near Salisbury and now lives and works in London. She has gained an MA in Photography and a BA in Fine Art and exhibits her multi-disciplinary artistic work internationally. Her website is at and there are many articles about her online.
29_45-head-2010[1]    28_study-the-body-2011[1]
My reason for this choice is that by varied use of detail she creates drawings that are abstract but could be real. She incorporates shapes and textures that one would find in nature and when combined result in an object that might exist but doesn’t.

Her application of fine detail is obvious but she uses extremes of tonal value from white paper to solid black to give form to the image. In fact in some drawings the amount of depth she has given to the image projects it off the paper.
28_study-stirling-2011[1]      28_study-the-body-ii-2011[1]
Blow up some of the pictures and it becomes apparent that much of her texture is created by fine shading rather than line. Probably an examination of the original drawing would reveal that even the finest shading has tonal variety.
31_30-maw-2008[1]  29_48-creep-2010[1]
I consider that whilst her work may not incorporate the finest detail her imaginative use of detail produces an image that is original and beats the traditional photo-realist.



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