Project – Using Texture

Exercise – A Drawing with Textures
The enclosed drawing is unfinished.


In an effort to include a reasonable number of shapes and textures I practised a couple of other drawings (not included) but I found I had produced plenty of textures but the drawings became over complicated and flat caused by the multiplicity of different ways of portraying textures.

In an effort to bring back things to my ability, in the enclosed drawing to keep it simple I only drew one object, the teddy bear, which in fact has a number of textures and I produced a reasonable drawing of a teddy bear. However the ruffled and heavy weave cloth the teddy bear sat on proved beyond my capabilities despite researching and practicing the necessary technique.

On reflection I maybe should have ignored the tone of the cloth and started with just plain paper for most of the cloth plus a small amount of directional hatching of the cloth. I would not then have “drowned” the teddy bear with dark shadow. Something to practice.

Have you discovered any new ways of using your drawing tools to depict surface and texture?

Yes. The exercises in drawing textures have been very valuable and for me any media other than an HB pencil has been a first attempt.

How successful were you at implying form with little or no tonal hatching?

I wasn’t very successful with the tonal hatching nor the shading.

I think my attempts at hatching did not look right and I kept abandoning them. I recognise the theory but am not yet able to put the theory into practice. With the number of graphite leads I have I should be getting the shading right but not yet.

What are your impressions of frottage as a drawing technique?
I only tried a small amount of frottage in a restricted area and I am not really familiar with the application of the technique.

I have seen online whole abstract drawings done with frottage and it is an interesting media with some original effects but possibly with only limited application.


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