Project – Still Life

Exercise – Observing Negative Space and Perspective
The objects for the first drawing were a glass bottle, glass jam jar and glass jug.

I drew the line of the outline in a soft pencil with a minimum of hesitations or corrections and tried to draw it without searching for the right line so mistakes were to be expected.

Whilst the outer objects were reasonably accurate the error came in the centrally positioned jam jar where the top and bottom outlines did not meet up.

The lighter lines were an attempt to bring form to the objects and correct the jam jar.

The second drawing has a modified and better grouping with a wine glass in the middle.

Drawing the line continuously was quite hard as you have to consider many aspects whilst progressing the line. Furthermore when drawing the bottom line you are trying to align with the top line.

However the result wasn’t too bad if your expectations aren’t too high! The lines tied up reasonably well.

Overall a good negative shape exercise insofar you are thinking more of the line you are drawing than the object you perceive you are drawing. Also the line you are drawing is that of the negative shape when its enclosed and the negative space when it’s not.


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