Project – Still Life

Exercise – Still Life Sketches of Made Objects

Upper left – the grouping/composition was okay. Tall at the back and then descending. The bottle was dark blue.

The sketch was easy enough though once again the ellipses were measured and do not look correct.

Centre – The group doesn’t quite meld but the sketch satisfactorily represents the objects. The ellipses were drawn to please rather than measured and look better.

Upper right – the group was an exercise in foreshortening and odd placement.

The sketch took longer than the other two put together and it’s still not correct. The cast shadows do not look real and maybe should have been lighter and softer at the edges even though they were not like that.

The shadows were shaded, instead of hatched, as shading looks more natural and can be more readily gradated.

What are the difficulties in separating cast shadow from reflected light and shade?
Not too difficult though you have to look for the object that is causing the shadow or reflection. Reflected light tends to give a more definite shape on larger reflections. Small or broken reflections are harder to identify particularly if the objects concerned are of varied shapes.

The reflected shadow and light follows the contours of the objects. How have you shown this in your drawing?

By drawing the reflected shadow and light along the contour of the object you are not just recreating the shadow and light but you are also accentuating the shape of the object on which the shadow and light is cast. Hopefully that shows in the sketches by the way the shading is drawn.


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