Project – Reflected Light

Exercise – Shadows and Reflected Light and Shade
I used compressed charcoal which, for me, is easier to work with. I need more practice in the use of stick charcoal in particular to obtain subtlety of marks and use of the flats/sides.
My objects are a bit misshapen but I have captured the shadows and reflections reasonably well though I find charcoal hard to work with any high degree of accuracy and once mistakes have been made it is hard to correct errors.

I think my attempt makes the objects look solid and indicate depth but the shadows tend to dominate the drawing even though they were not drawn as dark as the subject shadow dictated.

This exercise and the previous have enabled me to recognise and portray secondary shadows and reflections and hopefully I will be able to do these better in the future. Furthermore one will look at things differently in the future.

I wasn’t too sure how to cut down on the background/negative space other than drawing large.


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