Project – Making Marks

Exercise – Supermarket Shop
The exercise appeared simple enough and as a pencil line drawing was fine.

Most of the objects appear satisfactorily drawn on the paper though the perspective of the box on the right does not appear correct even though the angles on paper tie up with the angles of the box. I was probably looking down on it too much when compared to the other objects. It’s probably better to draw what looks best for the overall effect.

The objects relate well to each other and look solid and the negative shapes between them are reasonable accurate. However I was not able to reproduce the irregular shape of the yellow-green muesli bag.

The left hand side of the picture conveys depth more than the right hand side

However when the paint was applied the effort seemed to fall apart particularly when I applied the ground wash. Rather frustrating. I should have used tone to give more shape to the objects and make the overall picture more realistic.


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