Project – Making Marks

Exercise – Jars and Jugs
Similar to the previous exercise but rounder objects.

Probably, like many people, I find the ellipses at the head and base of cylindrical  objects difficult to draw correctly.

The circular tops of the objects appear to be more rounded in real life then when reproduced on paper. Even if you accurately measure and scale and draw the resultant ellipse it never looks right. What does look right is a less deep ellipse than the measured one.

I think this observation may be correct as the angle of sight to the object is different to the angle of sight to the paper particularly as the object is vertical and the paper flat. If the paper is held vertically and the drawing is compared with the object the shallower ellipse looks more correct.

I have not read anything to this effect and would be interested to know if this is such.

There are minor errors in the drawings which normally I would have corrected with an eraser but as requested erasing was kept to an absolute minimum.

The objects relate correctly to each other and the drawing has depth tough shading would have accentuated this aspect.

The ink drawing reveals more than a few mistakes but the overall objects look reasonably correct though the handles are terrible.

Not having a confident hand my lines are a bit shaky particularly on the cup and jug handles. The bottle shape and the jar head are also wrong.

I should have done better. However it’s early days and hopefully practice will make perfect.


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