Project – Basic Shapes and Fundamental Form

Exercise – Boxes and Books
I may have oversimplified the exercise but the objects in the drawing are generally of the right size and relate to each other as in the setup.

Most of the lines and angles I think are about right and I left out any artistic add-ins as I think I had completed what the exercise required. As a consequence the drawings are a little plain.

I didn’t find the sighting of the scale and the angles a problem as I used plastic proportional dividers (Accurasee) Is that cheating? I keep it to a minimum.

I think I have got most of the perspective lines correct and probably an application of tones and shadows would have enforced the drawing making the objects not appear to be floating in space.

The objects were quite close to me which makes drawing them harder than when distant. I sometimes notice in artists work that the perspective of a near, angled object doesn’t always look right even though the artist is skilled and has depicted what he has seen. Maybe it’s the difference in eye level, the eye looking at the subject is at a different angle to the eye looking at the picture and produces a deception, i.e. what we see is not what we draw. We draw what we consider to be correct on the paper.


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