Project – Making Marks

Exercise – Line and other Marks
The purpose of the exercise was to use different mark making implements in a manner which incorporates the considerations of intensity, smoothness, pattern, length and repetition.

This exercise was likely to incorporate many marks used on previous exercises though makes you think a bit harder insofar that the keywords have to be reflected in the marks.

Accordingly before making the mark you have to ask yourself the question – “Is this tool going to make the appropriate mark?” Often it didn’t – a stick dipped in ink is not readily adapted to “smooth”!

The exercise was therefore more involved or precise than those previous and was quite difficult because, in an effort not to repeat marks it was necessary to take time and sometimes think about it before applying tool to paper. Furthermore, particularly with “repetition” the size of the squares did not give sufficient space for the larger implements.

No one tool does everything though graphite pencils do best overall. The variety of marks one can make with a range of lead sizes and grades of pencils generally surpasses all other monochromatic media.

This exercise and the similar previous exercises have provided good learning as to which mark making implements make the best type of marks. Hopefully the individual marks will be remembered for use in the future but if not the exercise can be used as a good reference point.


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