Project – Making Marks

Exercise – Mark Making Techniques
The exercise requires a range of drawing implements and by employing various techniques producing a variety of marks with different characteristics.

The pencil marks generally were similar in grip and pressure and it was the lead thickness and grade that mostly defined the resultant marks.

The ballpoint pen is a bit inflexible in its application as it has no edge – it’s either on or off. I don’t think it offers anything that other media do not.

I was not comfortable with the dip pen, either not enough ink or too much which affected the finished product though I was quite pleased with some marks and ink flow aside I would like to develop the use of this media.

I enjoyed the fibre tip pens and whilst only two thicknesses were employed a range of fibre tip pens could produce some good textural drawings. The pens can produce dramatic effect with loose and tight marks though not so much with controlled lines, probably because there is no tonal variety in a line.

The felt tip pen was a bit inflexible and cheaper ones do not make quick, solid marks however there were some useful marks and they might well be used in conjunction with fibre tip pens.
The use of charcoal was interesting and a medium to be explored by myself at a later date having never drawn with charcoal before. It obviously needs large areas of paper to get the best out of it and accordingly I must develop my drawing ability to large scale work.

Emotionally, i.e. making calm or frenzied marks, most media can cope with peaceful flowing marks and also aggressive jabs though pastels are probably the least flexible.

The way in which the implement was held often defined the best mark that could be made, i.e. the more rambling marks generally had a looser grip.

Together a good learning exercise and the first time I have laid down so many marks. I probably should have introduced a bit more artistic style into my efforts but that is what I am here to learn.


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