Project – Making Marks

Exercise – Doodling
Whilst doodling is not a sub-conscious action its function relies on one’s attention or concentration to be mainly directed elsewhere in order for the spontaneity required to stimulate the doodling action. Probably the emotion that dominates the mind at that time will be reflected in the doodle.

Accordingly doodling by design as this exercise requires does not have the spontaneity that a freestyle doodle necessitates. Accordingly some of the doodles are “produced” rather than “just happened”. Furthermore it is probable that the abstract element of the doodles will not be as naturally forthcoming if the doodle has forethought or, worse, is rehearsed!

I struggled with some media particularly charcoal as the mark is rather large and doesn’t allow the control for fine work and therefore left me a bit high and dry with ideas. Also I did not generally find myself “relaxing into the work” as the brief requires. The exercise required considerable concentration though possibly mostly allied to trying to make the doodles different.

Had the doodles been more spontaneous I am sure some could have been generated by emotion rather than studied concentration. Doodles will often reflect the mood relating to the topic that the occupied part of the brain is involved in, i.e. jagged if annoyed, smooth if calm, etc

The exercise of doodling might appear simplistic and gave the initial impression “what’s the point of this exercise?”

Nevertheless it became a good learning exercise as different media produced different results. Probably the best doodles are with the finer implements as doodles tend to be on small pieces or areas of paper and the doodle has to fit into the available space.

With more time available I would have liked to have expanded some of the larger doodles which incorporated contained shapes. I found these elements amusing insofar I was looking for odd shapes to insert. This is an area that can be developed in the future into a topic in itself.

I think a good step though quite a hard exercise, at least for me. I look forward to reaching for a charcoal stick to doodle away whilst on the telephone!


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